Jasarve marketing is the solution for eradicating unemployment. There are lots of companies in the market who are not able to with stand despite being paid huge amount for advertisement. For avoiding this, the marketing strategy of each company should be strengthened. All the companies will not be able to do their best in marketing but Jasarve can help them out of this situation. Whatever product you are making, our company will helps you to increase its sales volume by utilizing our manpower and make you a better profit making company. 1,00,000 people will be able to get job.


Jasarve Biz to Win‘  is a business magazine, which will give 250 employment opportunities. This magazine helps to motivate business persons and to give them good suggestions.It contains features of eminent business persons giving positive thoughts and ideas and articles relating to business

Organic Agriculture Production

Vegetables that are available to us from other states are poisonous and give lots of harmful diseases.

Jasarve dream is to produce vegetables that are needed for organic farming, giving people low price from Jasarve outlet and to reduce diseases in Kerala. 1500 employment opportunities are available through this.

Business School

There are lots of business schools in Kerala. But no businessman is coming out from there. Our educational system makes a qualified individual to a worker, not a businessman.But Jasarve not doing that, Jasarve’s aim is to educate thousands of people and making them aware about the power and practice of the business through 3 months training. There are lots of educated people in Kerala,but financial literacy is quite low. The fact is that, when employment opportunities are increasing, hunger, crime is also increasing. 300 people will be able to get a job.



Unemployment is increasing at a huge rate every year. In Kerala, a lot of job opportunities are available in small industries and big corporate but many people are not aware about this. ‘Jasarve Jobs’ is a consultancy that offers various job opportunities to individuals according to their expectations. The service of Jasarve Job is absolutely free. 5000 people will get jobs.