Jasarve has almost 20 years of working experience in the field of Marketing, Multi-offset Printing and Real Education Training Programme (RETP). Our establishment which started in the year 2013 under the name & style Jasarve Printers has excelled in the field of printing. We provide prompt service and maintain utmost quality in our field. It is essential to understand the business, marketing, management and its utility, for running any business efficiently. Needless to say, with our 20 years of knowledge & experience in the field of marketing & motivational training, we are in the forefront in our field. Our ideas are different from the activities of other companies, which will enable us to bring in new changes in the society and it will help us to reach with the top companies in Kerala and thereby strive to develop our business. Our vision is to bring in revolutionary changes by the year 2025 by starting more than 10 different types of businesses across India, so as to provide employment to minimum 25 Lacs of people all over India and thus stand along with the top companies in India.

” To acquire success is met easy but, it is easy to believe in the decisionof winnning “


What We Offer

5 Static pages 

Domain ( 1 year free )

Web Space 10 GB 

Google Map Integration 

Live Chat Integration 

100 % Mobile Friendly 




Jasarve collects orders from single colour printing press through our marketing executives. We provide quality products with low cost. Jasarve tries to sustain differentiation and build up the business of small scale offsets. We provided 2,500 people job opportunities.


A lot of companies in Kerala is spending cores for advertisement and tries to create an unique brand name in the mindsets of people by taking advertisement for a small amount from them and helping them to earn more profit. 2000 people will get job.


The Real Education Training Programme is a motivational program that educates lakhs of people about the possibilites of variety of jobs through RETP and enables a person to stand by his own. There are 10,000 job opportunities.



Jasarve marketing is the solution for eradicating unemployment. There are lots of companies in the market who are not able to with stand despite being paid huge amount for advertisement.


‘Jasarve Biz to Win’  is a business magazine, which will give 250 employment opportunities. This magazine helps to motivate business persons and to give them good suggestions.


Vegetables that are available to us from other states are poisonous and give lots of harmful diseases.

Business School

There are lots of business schools in Kerala. But no businessman is coming out from there. Our educational system makes a qualified individual to a worker, not a businessman.


Unemployment is increasing at a huge rate every year. In Kerala, a lot of job opportunities are available in small industries and big corporate but many people are not aware about this.


A tour or a trip is everyone ‘s biggest dream. It increases the happiness of every human being. But the problem is that, those who wish to go for a trip may not be able to afford that much of amount.


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