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About Us

Jasarve Pioneering Excellence in Marketing

Jasarve boasts nearly two decades of extensive experience in Marketing, Multi-offset Printing, and Real Education Training Programme (RETP). Established in 2013 as Jasarve Printers, we have emerged as a leading player in the printing industry. Our commitment lies in delivering efficient and high-quality services promptly. We recognize the fundamental importance of comprehensive understanding in business, marketing, and management for the seamless operation of any enterprise. With our 20 years of invaluable expertise in marketing and motivational training, we occupy a prominent position in our field.

Distinguished by our unique approach, we differentiate ourselves from other companies, enabling us to bring about innovative changes within society. This distinctiveness further strengthens our ability to establish collaborations with top companies in Kerala, fostering the growth of our business. Our vision is centered on catalyzing revolutionary transformations by 2030 through the establishment of over 10 diverse businesses across India. This ambitious endeavor aims to create employment opportunities for a minimum of 25 Lakhs individuals nationwide, positioning us among the leading companies in India.

Empowering Women and Promoting Financial Freedom

At Jasarve, we firmly believe in the power of women and their ability to shape the world around them. We are committed to supporting women empowerment initiatives and fostering financial freedom for women from all walks of life.

Our misson

“Empowering Economic Independence: Our Mission to Create Employment Opportunities and Eradicate Unemployment”

At our core, we are driven by a powerful mission – to offer abundant employment opportunities for educated individuals who find themselves unemployed. We believe that by imparting proper and valuable training to the public, we can illuminate the path to knowledge and eliminate any mental barriers that hinder progress. Through our endeavors, we strive to empower individuals, leading them towards economic independence and effectively eradicating idleness from society.

Our unwavering commitment lies in providing comprehensive training programs that equip individuals with the necessary skills and knowledge to excel in the workforce. By bridging the gap between education and employment, we aim to create a conducive environment for personal and professional growth.

Through our efforts, we aspire to uplift the community by removing the shackles of unemployment and fostering economic independence. By providing the light of knowledge and nurturing talent, we endeavor to eradicate idleness, creating a vibrant and prosperous society.

Join us in our mission as we work towards a future where all individuals have equal access to employment opportunities and are empowered to achieve economic independence. Together, we can make a significant impact in transforming lives and fostering a society free from the burdens of unemployment.

Our Vison

“Our Vision for 2030: Establishing a Network of 1400 Branches Across All Districts, Creating Over 5000 Employment Opportunities”

As we set our sights on the future, our vision for 2030 is resolute and ambitious. We are committed to establishing an extensive network of 1400 branches, strategically positioned across all districts. This expansive reach will not only enhance our accessibility but also allow us to serve our customers with utmost convenience and efficiency.

In addition to our branch expansion, we are steadfast in our mission to create over 5000 employment opportunities. We recognize the importance of empowering individuals with meaningful work, promoting economic growth, and fostering socio-economic well-being in the communities we serve.

Through our vision, we aspire to strengthen our presence and become a catalyst for positive change in the regions we operate. By establishing a robust branch network and creating significant employment opportunities, we aim to make a lasting impact on both the professional lives of individuals and the overall economic landscape.

We are committed to executing our vision with unwavering dedication, professionalism, and a customer-centric approach. By embracing innovation, leveraging our expertise, and cultivating a thriving workforce, we are poised to achieve our goals and fulfill our mission of serving as a cornerstone of growth and opportunity in the years to come.