Jasarve Maketing Pvt ltd was the traditional marketing system for promoting this beautiful product called Lenmoy. Due to the effects of the corona virus and the lock down, the company was convinced that it would be better if promoted through the mlm system. Jasarve understands how to learn business and grow more opportunities and grow as they wish. The Jasarve marketing plan includes four types of revenue sources: Daily Sellers Income, Repurchase Income, Bonus and Rewards.
            The company is offering everybody who purchases a combo pack worth Rs 2200 to become a seller of the company and get other Benefits. You will get 6 item snacks for Rs 2200 . You may feel that it is more than the market price, and that the cost of making is going to be higher for us to produce a good packing quality natural product. If you want to buy other branded products you will definitely have to pay more. It is also the fact that the agency does not receive dividends and profits. You are eligible to receive the above Benefits when purchasing Jasarve Marketing Pvt Ltd’s LENMOY combo pack.
           LENMOY Combo Pack is just one product of Jasarve Marketing Pvt Ltd. Even if nothing is done after purchasing the product, you will not lose any money because you are satisfied with the equivalent product. There is no ambition or hypocrisy in this. The company has only said what can happen. If we buy the combo pack and everyone collaborate with us, we can counteract the growing unemployment and economic downturn in Kerala. It can also change the lives of many people. Lenmoy’s porduct promises to be a great part of the change for a larger society of educated and ordinary people.