Unemployment is the biggest problem facing Kerala. Every year more than one million people go on to higher education in Kerala alone. But most of them are unemployed. People wait a long time for a learned profession and when they do not get a job, they turn to unsatisfactory circumstances. There are more than 75 lakh unemployed people in Kerala. To make a change in this state of Kerala, jasarve is using the wide scope of marketing through a product called Lenmoy to provide income to the unemployed and an economic means for those who want to earn extra income. Through Lenmoy, Jasarve aims to transform each person's life into a stage of growth where the cost of living can be met with the necessary economic benefits. Jasarve's dream is to create a new revolution in society by contributing to the growth and attitudes of the educated, unemployed and ordinary people. Lenmoy includes a beautiful marketing system company that can easily do business with each person involved in the product. According to the company, if each individual performs their task, you can earn the income and positioning that you want. Each and every person who came to Lenmoy worked hard to earn their own. The Jasarve Marketing pvt.ltd movement is being led by the product Lenmoy, to combat the growing unemployment in Kerala and promote the employment sector through educated and unemployed people. The company's mission is to deliver more than 100 essentials to the public through the franchise business in a short period of time, below the standard and market price. This business can be very helpful for those who want to earn a high income and have a job of their own. Jasarve and Lenmoy seek to work for the unemployed with the great idea of ??finding an income based on expenses rather than living on the income.

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